Is It Safe?

YES! It’s SAFE Enough for KIDS, but fun enough for all! The Archery Tag arrows are specially designed for safety. Arrows use soft foam tips and travel at a relatively slow velocity to minimize danger and pain from impact. Masks are worn at all times to protect the eyes and face, and purposeful “head shots” are illegal in the game of Archery Tag.

Are you insured?

We are indeed fully insured. For groups requiring a Certificate of Insurance with their organization listed as certificate holder, we can provide that at the time of a booking agreement.

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What does a Archery Tag event look like?

We arrive early to set up and prep for the games. We setup everything  and  provide a 10 minutes orientation for the players, who are introduced to our amazing archery tag equipment, quick training session and short review of respect, honor and team sportsmanship . After that point, the games begin! The Game Coach orchestrates the games, special rules can be voted on by the players as well. This way everyone gets plenty of playing time, rest, and water breaks if needed (be sure to have plenty of water on hand). When we’re done, your guests can head inside for cake or to open presents while we take all equipment down and pack up.

 How many Archery Tag players can play during an event?

Our setup is staged for 10 players to play at one time. Each match can be timed to last 5-10 minutes. We have rotated 60 players or more per hour. Most games are over within 10 minutes. We can on special request add 2 players ( extra cost may apply).

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 What do you recommend Archery Tag players wear during an event?

Players should wear clothes suitable for the weather and season that allow the greatest possible range of movement. Athletic shoes with good traction on the selected playing surface should be worn. Light long sleeve shirts are recommended in case the players draw style of the bow string caused the string to hit the forearm. We provide forearm protectors but long sleeves is a good idea also.

A letter from the founder of Archery Tag


“We have spent months working on the safety issues that go along with shooting arrows at people. It is not as easy as simply sticking a piece of foam on the end of an arrow.As a kid I started hunting at a young age because my grandfather was an avid bow hunter. I shot compounds for most of 30 years, but have now fallen in love with traditional archery. Through my years of shooting and now teaching my own kids the art of archery, safety has always been a huge factor in whatever I do. I am a strong advocate for teaching ethics and safety to the next generation. Archery Tag is not a slap in the face of safety. It is, however, as safe way to teach young kids the safety issues.

We have a lot of fun with Archery Tag and have loved seeing many new comers join in the fun. We at Archery Tag, are very concerned about safety. We have spent months working on the safety issues that go along with shooting arrows at people. It is not as easy as simply sticking a piece of foam on the end of an arrow. Our engineering firm has spent months pouring over design plans, kinetic energy tests, arrow spine tests, stress analysis programs, and redesign the arrow tips to make sure that no one will ever get hurt by the Archery Tag arrows. If Archery Tag was not safe, we would have canned the idea long ago. However, we have spent months of tireless energy making sure we are above reproach in our efforts to keep everyone safe. I created this game with the forethought that my own kids would be playing someday. If I am going to allow my kids to be on the receiving end of an arrow, you can rest assured that it is safe and harmless. We have seen people from all walks of life pick up a bow and join in the fun of Archery Tag. People who have never shot a bow before can get in on the fun.

This is a safe and fun way to introduce all kinds of people to the joy of archery. What better way to teach a child the love of archery than in a non-dangerous manner where no one will get hurt. I planned on waiting until my kids were older to start teaching them archery, but now I can start at a very young age. As soon as my little one could draw back on the string, she was out with an Archery Tag arrow. I have been able to teach her form, stance, and aiming techniques without fear of me becoming the target. How many kids can say they shot their dad with an arrow? I hope you and your kids enjoy Archery Tag as much as my kids and I have. ”
-John Jackson Archery Tag Founder

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