Archery Tag – The Game You Never Outgrow

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George H.W. Bush

I’m always amazed at how much FUN our customers have when playing Archery Tag. It reminds me of the sometimes crazy outdoor games I use to play growing up, but a lot more safer. Whether it be a group of 10 year olds at a birthday party in a park, backyard or adult team building event. Archery Tag is a game that always makes me smile, especially seeing everyone laughing hysterically and taking photos together. It is definitely fulfilling to help create a memory that will definitely never be forgotten

For more information regarding Archery Tag & how to reserve for your special celebrations, read below….

Archery Tag – The Game You Never Outgrow


What type of events is Archery Tag usually reserved for?  Birthday Parties, Group Events & Team-Building,  Schools & Church Events, Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties & much more…..
What type of setup area do I need? Needs about the size of a 1/2 basketball court. Can be played inside in gyms, large rooms, etc or outside in backyards, parks & more…
What Do I Need To Reserve?  It’s important to reserve your date as soon as possible.  A 30% down payment is required to secure the date & you can pay the remaining with an easy online link or call.  The full balance is due by the day of the event. Contact us or reserve online. We are always on call and our over the top customer service is founded on our commitment to quick response and ensuring your important celebration event is a great success. 

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It’s EXTREMELY FUN – A Great Choice For Any Event!
LOTS OF PEOPLE CAN PLAY! Rotate every 8-10 minutes.
Played like Dodgeball but with SAFE patented Foam-Tipped Arrows
Teams are separated by a Safe Zone.
Object is to eliminate other team by getting them “OUT” or Scoring Points
HASSLE FREE! We take care of all The Details
  SETS UP ANYWHERE – INSIDER OR OUTSIDE! Just needs a basketball court size area & can be played in Backyards, Parks, Gyms, Conference Rooms & More!
More Information & Reservation Details:
Call or text 512-981-5557

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