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Another awkward ice breaker?!?

Have you ever been to a meeting or activity and then accosted by the ridiculously awkward ice breaker or team building game?  I’ve been to many, and believe me, I felt both awkward and ridiculous.  Then, if I’m being honest, I’ve led a few of those games, and even though I knew I would hate participating, I did it anyway.  Why? Because that’s what we are supposed to do, right?

Another awkward ice breaker

Well, not necessarily….

Having amassed hours and hours of ice breaker and team building participation, I came up with a different solution to creating cohesion and enthusiasm.  When I began FREEDOM FUN USA, I was looking at the company as a party or event piece.  That quickly evolved into a menu of event options including games, multiple levels of coaching and planning, and guiding clients to a stress-free experience.  As I coached and helped clients through games and events, I realized something: wouldn’t this make a fantastic team building activity.  Even birthday party games such as laser tag, archery tag, bubble ball, and foam fun, drew the adults into the fun along with the kids.  So, I initiated a corporate version of FREEDOM FUN’s games and activities.

Wow! What a result!

Not only were we able to avoid those awkward moments with participants staring at the floor, we created an experience that allowed people to laugh, connect, and experience the joy of being part of a real team encounter.  Laughter and fun are amazing learning tools – participants seamlessly merge into a team built by natural ability, personal experiences, and knowledge.  Leaders quickly observed each participants’ strengths, but perhaps more importantly, participants learned their own strengths and could build on them; they also realized their own areas for improvement and how to maximize their abilities.

Be your company hero: 

Plan your next team building day with FREEDOM FUN and give your company’s people an event they will remember!  Enrich your employees’ lives with experiences and education they can apply to their professional development as well as all the other aspects of their lives.  We can help you develop not only the event, games, and activities, but we can help you plan pre and post questions, discussion prompts, and team construction guidelines.  Give us a call today at 512-981-5557 and let’s brainstorm!

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