Freedom Fun San Antonio Backyard Memories

Take a little time to be silly, to be a kid, to laugh and forget, for a little while, your worries, and make beautiful memories.

Backyard Family Memories

Backyard Memories – Right now, Covid19 may be the enemy, but the real villains are fear, discouragement,  and worry. There are at least three things we can do: One, trust our faith – we have faith in God and know that He will bring us through. Two, believe in the future – we know that the future will bring great things. Three, value and enjoy those you love today – spend quality time talking, laughing, and living. Don’t waste the gifts of time and closeness.We here at Freedom Fun want to help you and yours enjoy your time at home as we ease into the next phase of opening up and working toward normal

Party Rentals That Are Perfect At Home

Check out our packages that are perfect for small groups: https://freedomfunusa.com I’m sure we can put together something that will fit your budget and make your event something memorable (with lots of photo ops for your scrapbook)! We work extremely hard to maintain strict disinfectant standards so that you can trust our equipment. Our coaches are trained in how to maintain clean hands and follow the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines: CDC Coronavirus Update

Consider Our Water Slides & Water Tag Packages…

Adults and kids can spend an afternoon playing and laughing together, enjoying each other’s company. What’s the long-term result? Backyard Memories that are not about fear or the restrictive environment of the Covid19 quarantine, but instead, some of the best times ever had with the family. Check out all our water slide rentals and water tag by clicking here. 

Of Course, We Have Backyard Laser Tag Packages!

Everyone loves an afternoon of Laser Tag. OR, if it’s too hot outdoors, try our Oculus set-up for a virtually fantastic virtual reality party.

Then There’s The Foam Party Package – Talk About Hilarious!

Then there’s the Foam Party package – talk about hilarious! Take a little time to be silly, to be a kid, to laugh and forget, for a little while, your worries, and make beautiful memories. We have so many packages to choose from, there’s just no room to talk about them all here. Instead, visit our website at https://freedomfunusa.com/ and check out what would fit your budget and backyard. We can chat on line or on the phone (512-981-5557). We would love to bring you and yours some great backyard memories !

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