Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy


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Thanksgiving weekend brought tons of delicious food, lots of friends and relatives, and, of course, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (in spite of high winds!) (safety concerns have been prevalent since 1997 – see why at https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/27/nyregion/macys-thanksgiving-parade-wind-weather.html).  It was fun and fantastic at our house – lots to be thankful for, that’s certain.  Family, friends, and a new grandchild this year.  Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude – and that includes our Freedom Fun Clients!  You have all been so generous and good to us this year.  Words fail me, but we are so grateful for you all.  Thank you so very, very much.

And, of course, Thanksgiving ushers in the Christmas Rush!  So, in the spirit of helping you not just survive, but THRIVE! this season, we want to offer you our help in planning, organizing, and, yes, enjoying your events!

New this year is our LIFE SIZE SNOW GLOBE!  Yes, it’s real!  It’s so much fun – everyone loves having their photo op time inside THE GLOBE!  You can find information and reservations at https://freedomfunusa.com/make-a-reservation-austin/?path=items/inflatable_human_snow_globe/ as well as seasonal specials!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy

Another way to create some fun is to bring your own snow!  We have a post on FaceBook about this guy:

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy

Check out our Snowman Snow Machine — we may not have a snow storm, but you can still have a bit of a white Christmas!  You can see his amazing self at https://freedomfunusa.com/snow-machine/


We also have a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bar (yum!) seasonal special to add to your movie night along with popcorn machines and/or cotton candy machines – woohoo!  And speaking of movies, I can tell you, it’s super fun to have a giant movie screen out back, all cozy with a fire pit and blankets, hot chocolate and smores, and lots of marshmallows to roast.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And JoyThanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy

You can even add some virtual experiences, even virtual ski trips, to your event.  Why not give the kids some educational game time in a virtual world while you finish up your event preparations!  On our website we have options ranging from indoor experiences to outdoor light saber encounters–Whoa!  It’s awesome!  (https://freedomfunusa.com/make-a-reservation-austin/?path=category%2Fvirtual_reality%2F )

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if years from now, you, your kids, family, and friends were still telling stories about your experiences this Christmas season?  With our help, you can create your own special stories about the magic of this time of year, spend more time with the people in your life that are most important, AND keep yourself healthy, nurtured, and joyful.  Yes, we are all busy during this time, but we don’t have to be insanely busy – and Freedom Fun USA can help!  Call us at 512-981-5557 or visit us on line at https://freedomfunusa.com/ for a consultation, special seasonal deals, a quote, and a friendly chat.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Photo of Sign with Happy Thanksgiving From Freedom Fun USA


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What?!? It’s November already?!!  Wow, where did the last eleven months go??  And now, we need to plan for the BIG weekend – family, friends, food, and football!!! Not to mention…..SHOPPING!


So, we are going to have a house full of guests….aunts, uncles, cousins, kids, grown-ups,  not-so-grown-ups, and friends, of course.  Well, the menu will begin and end with turkey and dressing, naturally, and there will PIE!.  Thanksgiving Thursday will be all about cooking, eating, and football games – on TV and in the backyard!  It’s a TRADITION!  Do you know who played a BIG game in 1876 on Thanksgiving Day?  The answer can be found at https://www.history.com/news/why-do-americans-watch-football-on-thanksgiving.  Or how about this:  What NFL teams played on Thanksgiving Day in 1920?  Check out https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/11/26/9784800/thanksgiving-day-football-nfl-history-lions-cowboysLOL!

While Santa is shopping, why not get the guys and gals out into the fresh air for some fun games before they start in on the leftovers?  At https://freedomfunusa.com you will find all kinds of fun things to get kids of ALL ages outside to run off some of that pumpkin pie!  There is LASER TAG, ARCHERY TAG, GAMES & INFLATABLES, BUBBLE BALL, and more.  Then to finish off the weekend, how about a giant screen outdoor movie?  This is the perfect time for a family friendly feel-good movie!  If you can’t think of any great endings kind of movies, here’s a few suggestions:  https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/feel-good-films-guaranteed-to-make-you-happy-every-timeorhttps://www.mrqe.com/lists/holiday-movies/25-best-holiday-moviesor https://www.imdb.com/list/ls008985796/OR perhaps everyone would like to watch the COWBOYS Thanksgiving game on a giant screen!  With a popcorn machine and hot chocolate!  Woohoo!


Go to https://freedomfunusa.com and check out what we can offer you in packages to suit your needs.  Do you want to plan each detail?  Or perhaps you’d like us to put it all together for you – either way or somewhere in between, we can provide just the right addition to your Thanksgiving Weekend.  Visit our website for ideas and then give us a call at 512-981-5557!  We book up fast during the holidays, and we don’t want to disappoint you – so call soon to reserve your spot!


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Have you considered Virtual Reality as part of marketing your business?  Or perhaps part of your leadership team’s inspirational weekend retreat?  Or for teamwork building?  Maybe it’s time to reflect on just such a strategy!


New ways of marketing your business are always welcome – you could use VR to create a sampling of your product.  This website:

https://wphub.eventbrite.com/hub/uk/use-ar-and-vr-at-your-next-expo-ds00/?utm_source=onepush&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=push describes how a company selling scuba equipment could utilize an undersea VR experience along with scuba gear demonstrations to give potential clients a real taste of the excitement of scuba diving.

ORsimulate a dining experience using this VR experience: https://blog.typsy.com/check-out-how-virtual-reality-is-being-used-in-restaurants which provides sensory stimulation including scent!

OR….have a vineyard?  Check out how VR is changing the wine industry AND employee training!!  At https://techcrunch.com/2017/12/25/how-augmented-and-virtual-reality-will-reshape-the-food-industry/


In less time and with a higher success rate, companies from Exxon Mobile to KFC are using Virtual Reality to train employees.  Check out how at this web site:


Using a 360-degree camera, their software, and FREEDOM FUN USA’s equipment and coaches, you can create your own company-specific Virtual Reality training experience.  Now, that’s exciting!


This is awesome!  AND FUN!  Revamp your team building with games that are loads of fun, all the while building skills in your team such as leadership, creativity, motivation, and communication!  Your employees will not just be engaged in these activities, they will be IMMERSED in the experience.  Need more information?  PLUS a FREE guide to FUN ways to incorporate Virtual Reality into your team building time?  Check out this website:  https://www.virtualrealityrental.co/blog-post/top-ten-virtual-reality-team-building-experiences


Call us at FREEDOM FUN USA (512-981-5557) and we will help you plan your event, guide you in choosing the equipment you need, and help you set up and run the event.  We are your Virtual Reality resource!  Call us or visit our website to reserve on line:  https://freedomfunusa.com/make-a-reservation/?path=category/virtual_reality/


We can’t wait to hear from you!


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FREEDOM FUN USA client, Amber, does Halloween in a bigger than life fashion – and who would have thought she would have time?!? With a husband, two great (and busy) kids, and four dogs, who has time to decorate for Halloween, right?  Well, Amber does!  And she shares it with all her neighbors!

Becoming an Austin Area Tradition: 

After several years of decorating in a BIG way, Amber decided to up the ante and added FREEDOM FUN USA’s Virtual Reality Haunted Experiences to help set the mood! What an easy way to create a truly haunting happening!  With games and experiences geared to young and old, this is a super fun way to create memorable Halloween fun.

THEN, Amber added a giant back yard movie screen surrounded by spooky ghouls and goblins.  FREEDOM FUN USA provides the age appropriate films and a gigantic movie screen for ghostly adventures and eerie sound effects!

What does this look like??  Well, you would have to see it in person for the full effect, of course, but pictures tell…..



What a great collaboration!  And certainly something that FREEDOM FUN USA can help YOU do too!  We offer Virtual Reality games and experiences to suit your event.  We have awesome Laser Tag games, some with seasonal themes and some that are great for year round fun.  And of course there’s the giant movie screen!  For those more active events, don’t forget about all our other SUPER FUN activities!  Check out our website (https://freedomfunusa.com/)AND our Pinterest Site (https://www.pinterest.com/freedomfunusa/) for all our FUN ideas!  Family, fun, friends…that’s what makes the world go ‘round!

Call us at 512-981-5557 for help with YOUR spooky event!


Freedom Fun San Antonio Grand Opening Ceremony

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The concierge event and party franchise which delivers EXCITING games & outdoor cinema has been creating a gigantic buzz around Austin and the Central Texas Area. THE FIRST FRANCHISE OUTSIDE OF AUSTIN IS NOW OPEN IN SAN ANTONIO!

The new franchise owners are Isaac & Elaine Castillo. Isaac & Elaine have four wonderful children – Solomon, Benji, Abby and Sammy.

Our is now in San Antonio…

The Castillo’s are originally from Corpus Christi, but have lived in San Antonio for 12 years. This is where their heart is and where they plan to build their business! The Castillo’s love to plan, organize, host, and coach which will make your event the FIESTA of the year! 

Elaine Castillo shares, “The buzz in Austin about FREEDOM FUN has been amazing with so many happy customers. They have delivered more than 3,000 near perfect events with the best reviews on Google & Yelp that we’ve seen – all a result of their insane focus on customer service – we just couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to bring it to San Antonio!”

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce did an amazing job leading the ribbon cutting ceremony. They Chamber welcomed us from when we first walked into their office and provided us invaluable feedback. We highly recommend anyone thinking about starting a business in San Antonio to stop by their office! 

Laser Tag, Movies & More – Delivered To Your Door!

We would to help you or anyone that you know that may be planning a celebration event.  Call us now for our grand opening special which includes $20 off your first party!

Give FREEDOM FUN SAN ANTONIO a call at 210-890-4FUN (4386)

We will get your event organized and set up just the way you envision it happening! Visit us at freedomfunusa.com or @freedomfunusa on Facebook or Instagram to contact us as well.

Freedom Fun Party Rentals Photo

Why Choose Freedom Fun?

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All these “fun” event companies are the same, right??  Hmm, maybe not…..

Have you ever experienced an event that just fell flat?  It’s uncomfortable for the guests and stressful for the hosts! But there is an alternative – Austin’s premier event company, FREEDOM FUN USA, is here to help.

Reasons why we are different:

First, we have fun events like laser tag and archery tag, seriously fun activities like Bubble Ball, Bounce Castle, and Water Tag.  And MORE! Water Slide, Foam Parties, Archery Hover Ball that’s guaranteed fun in the sun for everyone!  Kids of all ages will have a great time!  THEN, there’s indoor activities like Virtual Reality!  And, oh my gosh, then there’s the Outdoor Movies packages!  And the holiday packages such as the Hot Cocoa Bar for winter events!  Whatever the weather, whatever you need, we can plan, organize, and deliver.

Second, we have coaches for every fun activity – our coaches set up the event, check and double check EVERYthing, and then ensure that every party attendee knows how to play the games, has working equipment, and joins in the fun.  The host can relax and join in the fun!

Which brings me to Item Three 😊  The host chooses from multiple levels of planning and organizing – we have budget packages and we have concierge packages.  The hosts tell us what their budget and event needs are, and then we make it happen.

Next, our team is focused on service and communication – we communicate with the host so that everyone is on the same page.  We want to do everything possible, humanly and otherwise, to make your event a success for you and for your guests.

Finally, our team occasionally encounters unforeseeable difficulties, such as a blow out on the highway (yikes!)  If this makes them late to an event, well, let’s just say, HUSTLE is our mantra!  Our coaches HUSTLE to make it happen – they will not allow ANYthing to get in the way of success for your party!

What does this mean for you?

You get to be an informed client – you know when we are coming, how much it will cost, and what package you will be presenting to your guests, all ahead of time.

You get to call the shots – the level of service, the package that fits your budget, your party and event needs, whatever they may be.

You get a trained and caring coaching team – our team has been trained to maintain cleanliness and comfort standards, how to set up and take down quickly and effectively, and how to ensure you and your guests are more than happy and having some serious fun.

You get a company that is dedicated to making your event as perfect as possible.

What does this mean for us?

We are a family company that wants to serve other families.  We are here to seriously create fun, joy, and great memories for families and friends.  Your success is our heartbeat.  We are honored to be a part of your event, whatever the plan, whatever the package.  Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your celebration!

Movies under the stars with Freedom Fun

Movies Under The Stars With Freedom Fun

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Outdoor Movie Night With Your Favorite Films

Outdoor Movie nights are always fun – whether it’s scary movies (that make us keep a light on when we go to bed) or a romantic comedy that makes everyone believe in magic or an adventure film that allows us all to feel like heroes.

But a night at the movies with FREEDOM FUN USA is another thing altogether!  It all begins with the larger than life movie screen – WOW! There are no bad seats in this house!  Then there is the sound system – giant sound to go with the giant screen!  Do movies make you crave snacks? Well, we can provide popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, and even cold drink options!

And, of course, the concierge service

Our team members are trained, motivated, and concentrating on customer satisfaction.  Every one of our team understands that our success depends on making sure all aspects of the event go smoothly, that the host is never worried or stressed out, and that the guests are engaged in the event having the time of their life. The quality of our service has earned us contracts with the City of Cedar Park and other cities. The City of Cedar Park has an outdoor movie open to the public every month of the summer. You can check out the “Secret Life of Pets” and “Dumbo” during the month of September this year. The movies in the park website is located at Movies in the Park | City of Cedar Park

We are there to make sure your outdoor movie nights are perfect

If there’s something out of place, we will fix it.  If you need something to be a bit this way or that, we can handle that too.  Our job, our goal, our purpose is to make sure every guest is comfortable, happy, and enjoying the show AND that you, the host, are relaxed and enjoying the event as much as your guests.

Every step of the way, your well being and comfort is our focus.  One of our reviews explains:

Freedom Fun USA Review

People Enjoying Outdoor Movie Night on an Outdoor Movie Screen

We don’t just drop off equipment, we build relationships.  Let us build an event with you – call us in Austin at 512-981-5557 today!

Team Building Corporate Events

Awkward Or Awesome? Our Corporate & Company Events Will Astound Leaders And Participants

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Another awkward ice breaker?!?

Have you ever been to a meeting or activity and then accosted by the ridiculously awkward ice breaker or team building game?  I’ve been to many, and believe me, I felt both awkward and ridiculous.  Then, if I’m being honest, I’ve led a few of those games, and even though I knew I would hate participating, I did it anyway.  Why? Because that’s what we are supposed to do, right?

Another awkward ice breaker

Well, not necessarily….

Having amassed hours and hours of ice breaker and team building participation, I came up with a different solution to creating cohesion and enthusiasm.  When I began FREEDOM FUN USA, I was looking at the company as a party or event piece.  That quickly evolved into a menu of event options including games, multiple levels of coaching and planning, and guiding clients to a stress-free experience.  As I coached and helped clients through games and events, I realized something: wouldn’t this make a fantastic team building activity.  Even birthday party games such as laser tag, archery tag, bubble ball, and foam fun, drew the adults into the fun along with the kids.  So, I initiated a corporate version of FREEDOM FUN’s games and activities.

Wow! What a result!

Not only were we able to avoid those awkward moments with participants staring at the floor, we created an experience that allowed people to laugh, connect, and experience the joy of being part of a real team encounter.  Laughter and fun are amazing learning tools – participants seamlessly merge into a team built by natural ability, personal experiences, and knowledge.  Leaders quickly observed each participants’ strengths, but perhaps more importantly, participants learned their own strengths and could build on them; they also realized their own areas for improvement and how to maximize their abilities.

Be your company hero: 

Plan your next team building day with FREEDOM FUN and give your company’s people an event they will remember!  Enrich your employees’ lives with experiences and education they can apply to their professional development as well as all the other aspects of their lives.  We can help you develop not only the event, games, and activities, but we can help you plan pre and post questions, discussion prompts, and team construction guidelines.  Give us a call today at 512-981-5557 and let’s brainstorm!

corp team building archery tagBubble Ball

The right attitude by Freedom Fun USA

The Right Attitude By Freedom Fun USA

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Just the other day,

The team was talking about how they noticed that events and coaches directly affected the participants’ moods, attitudes, and even behavior. Of course, that led to a discussion about why it’s so important for coaches and team members to have a positive outlook, a cheerful demeanor, and a “customer is always right” or “we can fix this” kind of attitude. No matter what!

Without even realizing it.

Tim shared a moment from one of his early experiences that was so simple and yet so profound that it made him understand that he was in the business of events and entertainment, but also in the business of giving people a chance to be better, to be more.

So, Tim was coaching a Laser Tag event in a large, open space in a park. The event was a celebration of an eleven year old’s birthday. The birthday boy was clearly having an amazing time, running around, laughing, and generally having fun. The Mom had made a point of telling Tim how great it was that the team showed up on time, delivered what they promised, and allowed her to relax and enjoy her son’s birthday. That was fantastic in itself – Tim sees each event as an opportunity to deliver on a promise and go the extra mile.

After Laser Tag was over, and the team was packing up, one of the Dads walked over to Tim and introduced himself. The Dad told Tim that he had been dreading this birthday party ever since his wife had told him it was his turn to go with their son. The Dad had been to multiple parties over the past 10 or so years with the son and found that standing around talking to parents he didn’t know was just excruciating. Smiling and talking, eating cake and finally trying to get his little boy into the car when he didn’t want to go were apparently just misery to the poor guy. So he was not happy to be at this event.

Then something amazing happened – the enthusiastic coach, the genuinely fun games, being outside, and, most of all, having his son yell, “come on, Dad, play with us,” allowed all the guests, adults and kids alike, to play. Playing together, being outdoors, laughing, and being silly created a wonderful event for all, but also a chance to bond and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. The man shook Tim’s hand, said thank you for the great memories, and he and his son went home.

Tim, however, stood there for a few minutes, thinking about his business. He had started this business to fill a need in the community and to earn a living. He had wanted his family to be proud and to live up to certain standards. But there, in the park, he realized that it was so much more.

Tim shared a moment from one of his early experiences that was so simple and yet so profound that it made him understand that he was in the business of events and entertainment.