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Awkward Or Awesome? Our Corporate & Company Events Will Astound Leaders And Participants

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Another awkward ice breaker?!?

Have you ever been to a meeting or activity and then accosted by the ridiculously awkward ice breaker or team building game?  I’ve been to many, and believe me, I felt both awkward and ridiculous.  Then, if I’m being honest, I’ve led a few of those games, and even though I knew I would hate participating, I did it anyway.  Why? Because that’s what we are supposed to do, right?

Another awkward ice breaker

Well, not necessarily….

Having amassed hours and hours of ice breaker and team building participation, I came up with a different solution to creating cohesion and enthusiasm.  When I began FREEDOM FUN USA, I was looking at the company as a party or event piece.  That quickly evolved into a menu of event options including games, multiple levels of coaching and planning, and guiding clients to a stress-free experience.  As I coached and helped clients through games and events, I realized something: wouldn’t this make a fantastic team building activity.  Even birthday party games such as laser tag, archery tag, bubble ball, and foam fun, drew the adults into the fun along with the kids.  So, I initiated a corporate version of FREEDOM FUN’s games and activities.

Wow! What a result!

Not only were we able to avoid those awkward moments with participants staring at the floor, we created an experience that allowed people to laugh, connect, and experience the joy of being part of a real team encounter.  Laughter and fun are amazing learning tools – participants seamlessly merge into a team built by natural ability, personal experiences, and knowledge.  Leaders quickly observed each participants’ strengths, but perhaps more importantly, participants learned their own strengths and could build on them; they also realized their own areas for improvement and how to maximize their abilities.

Be your company hero: 

Plan your next team building day with FREEDOM FUN and give your company’s people an event they will remember!  Enrich your employees’ lives with experiences and education they can apply to their professional development as well as all the other aspects of their lives.  We can help you develop not only the event, games, and activities, but we can help you plan pre and post questions, discussion prompts, and team construction guidelines.  Give us a call today at 512-981-5557 and let’s brainstorm!

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The right attitude by Freedom Fun USA

The Right Attitude By Freedom Fun USA

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Just the other day,

The team was talking about how they noticed that events and coaches directly affected the participants’ moods, attitudes, and even behavior. Of course, that led to a discussion about why it’s so important for coaches and team members to have a positive outlook, a cheerful demeanor, and a “customer is always right” or “we can fix this” kind of attitude. No matter what!

Without even realizing it.

Tim shared a moment from one of his early experiences that was so simple and yet so profound that it made him understand that he was in the business of events and entertainment, but also in the business of giving people a chance to be better, to be more.

So, Tim was coaching a Laser Tag event in a large, open space in a park. The event was a celebration of an eleven year old’s birthday. The birthday boy was clearly having an amazing time, running around, laughing, and generally having fun. The Mom had made a point of telling Tim how great it was that the team showed up on time, delivered what they promised, and allowed her to relax and enjoy her son’s birthday. That was fantastic in itself – Tim sees each event as an opportunity to deliver on a promise and go the extra mile.

After Laser Tag was over, and the team was packing up, one of the Dads walked over to Tim and introduced himself. The Dad told Tim that he had been dreading this birthday party ever since his wife had told him it was his turn to go with their son. The Dad had been to multiple parties over the past 10 or so years with the son and found that standing around talking to parents he didn’t know was just excruciating. Smiling and talking, eating cake and finally trying to get his little boy into the car when he didn’t want to go were apparently just misery to the poor guy. So he was not happy to be at this event.

Then something amazing happened – the enthusiastic coach, the genuinely fun games, being outside, and, most of all, having his son yell, “come on, Dad, play with us,” allowed all the guests, adults and kids alike, to play. Playing together, being outdoors, laughing, and being silly created a wonderful event for all, but also a chance to bond and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. The man shook Tim’s hand, said thank you for the great memories, and he and his son went home.

Tim, however, stood there for a few minutes, thinking about his business. He had started this business to fill a need in the community and to earn a living. He had wanted his family to be proud and to live up to certain standards. But there, in the park, he realized that it was so much more.

Tim shared a moment from one of his early experiences that was so simple and yet so profound that it made him understand that he was in the business of events and entertainment.



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Welcome to our FREEDOM FUN USA blog – thanks for stopping by! Our goal is to provide the absolute best event experience for you, your family, and your friends. Not only do we have the highest YELP reviews in town, we also have an awesome array of choices such as LASER TAG, OUTDOOR MOVIES, BUBBLE BALL, ARCHERY TAG, FOAM PARTY, PREMIUM WATER SLIDES, BOUNCE HOUSES, ARCHERY HOVER BALL, CONCESSIONS, WATER TAG, AV RENTALS, SNOW MACHINES, SEASONAL SPECIAL CONCESSIONS (such as our Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar), and, yes! VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCES customized to your needs.

What’s in a name? 

Tim’s years in the USAF continue to profoundly influence his life and decisions; as a veteran of Desert Storm, he honors the military, in part, through the name of his business. Both “FREEDOM” and “USA” hold special significance, and as part of the business name, boldly state his continued support of America’s military. In addition, Tim helps veterans through veteran discounts and through helping veterans build their own Freedom Fun franchises. The business also supports several veterans’ organizations both locally and nationally. Then, there is the FUN in our name! Fun is our middle name, literally! We are dedicated to providing a FUN experience for the host and the guests – we strive to thoroughly understand what guests need and want for their perfect party experience. Then our team works hard to organize, set up, and coach you through your events. We strive to ensure that your guests have the time of their life, a truly memorable and fun event. We also aim to allow you, the host, to have the FREEDOM to enjoy your event – FREE from hassles and worries, we provide the level of support you choose – from coaching you how to run the show to providing a live, enthusiastic, and respectful event coach for the entire time of your experience.

 Check us out!

Scroll through our user-friendly web page to find exactly what you are looking for in event planning. We want to give you the absolute best experience for your gathering, both for you and for your guests. We can provide what you need based on your budget, your choices, and your event needs. Then, give us a call at 512-981-5557 to talk to a human – we can help you organize your plans for your event. Or, if you prefer, we can chat online, or you can text.

We want to get to know you!

Visit us online or contact us today – let’s build something FUN and FABULOUS together! We are ready to plan your event and make your life just a bit easier and a lot more FUN!

Freedom Fun 2019 Activity Catalog with Great Deals

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Quick NEWS FLASH to our customers! Please find our 2019 Freedom Fun Activity Rental Guide link below.

This is handy to have as a quick reference and also outlines our 2019 discount tiers. Forward to anyone that may be planning a party.

Your celebration with family and friends should be hassle free, FUN, and without walls or boundaries

Which is why we are on a MISSION to deliver HAPPINESS to backyards & venues everywhere!

Download (PDF, 4.2MB)

Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

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Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

A Phone Call Home

“Mom, can you hear me ok? they are telling us that we have to get on a plane now & go to Saudi Arabia, I don’t know when I’ll be back but I’ll be ok.” I spoke those words Aug of 1990 outside our squadron as I was departing for Saudi Arabia. President George H.W. Bush had recently ordered our deployment. My mother,crying ,said she loved me & would let dad know. I spent almost 7 months in Saudi Arabia in Operation Desert Shield & Storm. I was only 20.

Reflecting back on his life….

When I reflect back & remember this President George H.W.  Bush , it is these times I remember most clearly. Most of us recall memories as it reflects upon us personally, undoubtedly this was a significant time in my life. I remember him being a statesman, a man of integrity & values. I admired & respected him for his unmatched ability to build a coalition of nations to challenge a ruthless dictator. President Bush believed in the UN & we definitely did not go at it alone, with 100+ countries at our side. I am grateful that he let the military leaders handle the “how” of getting Saddam out of Kuwait, thus allowing most to come home.

Thank you….

Most importantly, I thank President Bush that he used our celebratory return to make amends & help heal my father, a Vietnam Veteran, and many more, who were not welcomed back like we were….”that” is what means the most to me.

Home President George H.W. Bush

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Archery Tag – The Game You Never Outgrow

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George H.W. Bush

I’m always amazed at how much FUN our customers have when playing Archery Tag. It reminds me of the sometimes crazy outdoor games I use to play growing up, but a lot more safer. Whether it be a group of 10 year olds at a birthday party in a park, backyard or adult team building event. Archery Tag is a game that always makes me smile, especially seeing everyone laughing hysterically and taking photos together. It is definitely fulfilling to help create a memory that will definitely never be forgotten

For more information regarding Archery Tag & how to reserve for your special celebrations, read below….

Archery Tag – The Game You Never Outgrow


What type of events is Archery Tag usually reserved for?  Birthday Parties, Group Events & Team-Building,  Schools & Church Events, Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties & much more…..
What type of setup area do I need? Needs about the size of a 1/2 basketball court. Can be played inside in gyms, large rooms, etc or outside in backyards, parks & more…
What Do I Need To Reserve?  It’s important to reserve your date as soon as possible.  A 30% down payment is required to secure the date & you can pay the remaining with an easy online link or call.  The full balance is due by the day of the event. Contact us or reserve online. We are always on call and our over the top customer service is founded on our commitment to quick response and ensuring your important celebration event is a great success. 

Check out all our FAQ’s here!

It’s EXTREMELY FUN – A Great Choice For Any Event!
LOTS OF PEOPLE CAN PLAY! Rotate every 8-10 minutes.
Played like Dodgeball but with SAFE patented Foam-Tipped Arrows
Teams are separated by a Safe Zone.
Object is to eliminate other team by getting them “OUT” or Scoring Points
HASSLE FREE! We take care of all The Details
  SETS UP ANYWHERE – INSIDER OR OUTSIDE! Just needs a basketball court size area & can be played in Backyards, Parks, Gyms, Conference Rooms & More!
More Information & Reservation Details:
Call or text 512-981-5557

Fill out our contact form here!

view more on our website at https://freedomfunusa.com/archery-tag/

Happy Thanksgiving – A Note On Gratitude & Daily Commitment to Gratefulness

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Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

Last Sunday at my church in Leander TX, my pastor was continuing his message on gratitude. I wrote down something that really spoke to me . He said that the opposite of gratitude is ‘forgetting’ . How often do I tend to go full speed in life & when I do – the likelihood to forget goes up exponentially. He also challenged us to make a list of all the things in life that we don’t have, things that we lost, or things that we think we deserve. He asked, “How does it make you feel?”. He then challenged us to write a ‘gratitude’ list. Of course -this felt better 🙂 I really don’t think any of us would have a problem writing down gratitude’s. We all have those life moments where someone stood up for us , loved us when we were feeling down. Those moments when we almost lost someone dear to us but they miraculously made it through. I started thinking , the problem is not being able to write the gratitude list. The problem is slowing down & reflecting on the list & then, most importantly, telling those I love as ‘not’ telling others would be the same as wrapping someone a gift and not giving it to them. This year I commit to slowing down and telling my family, employees and friends how grateful I am for them.

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours 🙂

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Tomorrow – Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2018 – We Remember & Express Thanks

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George H.W. Bush

I can’t thank this countries founders, leaders, veterans & community servants enough for what has been sacrificed to allow me to live in Freedom and security. Freedom that has empowered me to raise a family that I love so much. Freedom that has allowed me to easily start a business , giving me the choice of making important decisions for my own life – like starting a wonderful career at Dell over 21 years ago and then the Freedom to choose another chapter in my life – one of entrepreneurship and helping other small business owners realize their dreams. Most importantly I am grateful to those that have served & those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so I have the Freedom to worship and pray to a God without fear of persecution. Please don’t ever let me take this and all the Freedom’s of our great nation for granted.

God Bless the USA & Happy Veterans Day to those that have made all this possible for me.

#Freedom #veteransday #veteranowned #veteransmemorial #airforce #marines #army #navy #smallbusinesss #vetfran #business #entrepreneurship

Veterans Day

Why Freedom Fun USA?

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Introducing Freedom Care We stand behind each and every party we book The Freedom Fun Promise The way it should be If it's not FUN, it's FREE We stand behind...

Freedom Fun Franchise Opportunities Now Available!

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Freedom Fun Delivers Epic Events Like Laser Tag, Movies & More To Your Door!      Believe It Or Not - We Have A System For Fun! The founder, a...


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If you’re like most of us, there are some holidays situations that are as stressful as they are necessary.  So, here are a few tips to help you keep your...
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy


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Thanksgiving weekend brought tons of delicious food, lots of friends and relatives, and, of course, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (in spite of high winds!) (safety concerns have been prevalent since...

BubblePalooza 2018 – What Is A Foam Dance Party?

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Freedom Fun Registered Logo

June, 9th 2018

 Bubblepalooza & Freedom Fun expect 8000 at record breaking Foam Party

Foam Dance Party

BubblePalooza 2016 Photo

BubblePalooza 2018 will be June 9th at the Long Center in Austin, TX.


A Perfect Choice for Your Event That will Leave your Guests in Awe!

Tim Masters, the owner of Freedom Fun,  wanted to bring more choices for his customers. “I am always looking for special events to offer that cause our customers to smile , laugh and just have FUN, events that are out of the norm and unique …..honestly , it doesn’t get much more FUN for all ages than submersing yourself into millions of bubbles.  We love to kick it up a notch with our our music systems and staff that just make it so much more special ”   Tim Masters goes on to say that it is the work and commitment of his entire team that has undoutedly led to Freedom receiving the Best of Yelp award in Austin for 2017 .


We really want you to experiance a foam dance party and for a limited time you can receive 5% off by using coupon code “bubble18”

Call 512-981-5557 to book or Click On Reserve Now at Top of Page

Freedom Fun Payments Accepted

BubblePalooza 2018 Event Page Link (Click Here)

Our official start to the summer, Bubblepalooza returns! The kick off to our All Summer Long series of free community events, this annual celebration of open play on the Long Center’s front lawn is perfect for families of all ages, with live music, games, arts + crafts, trailer food, and of course—tons of bubbles!


  • Good clean fun & ideal for ages 6 to 60! Foam parties are always a unique experience for any event.

  • Sets up anywhere , small backyards no problem!

  • Perfect for birthday parties, church outings, summer camps, high school parties, youth groups, movies. school carnivals & more.

  • Foam machines are safe & have been featured on CBS television’s Big Brother & Chuck E Cheese Pizza.

  • Won’t get cold, wet, or sticky.  Your clothes will get damp but you will not feel cold when you are at a foam party. Our  foam is 100% organic, toxic free &  90 percent air…..the rest is just water & solution.

  • Foam has been used in 50 states & never damaged the environment. Our foam is also odor free & has been chemically tested to be hypoallergenic. The water-based organic foam will not harm eyes, skin, clothing or grass.

Easy To Reserve & Your Always In Good Hand With Our 100% “FUN  GUARANTEE”