Tomorrow – Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2018 – We Remember & Express Thanks

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George H.W. Bush

I can’t thank this countries founders, leaders, veterans & community servants enough for what has been sacrificed to allow me to live in Freedom and security. Freedom that has empowered me to raise a family that I love so much. Freedom that has allowed me to easily start a business , giving me the choice of making important decisions for my own life – like starting a wonderful career at Dell over 21 years ago and then the Freedom to choose another chapter in my life – one of entrepreneurship and helping other small business owners realize their dreams. Most importantly I am grateful to those that have served & those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so I have the Freedom to worship and pray to a God without fear of persecution. Please don’t ever let me take this and all the Freedom’s of our great nation for granted.

God Bless the USA & Happy Veterans Day to those that have made all this possible for me.

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Veterans Day
Premier Event Company

Why Freedom Fun USA?

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All these “fun” event companies are the same, right??  Hmm, maybe not….. Have you ever experienced an event that just fell flat?  It’s uncomfortable for the guests and stressful for...
Movies under the stars with Freedom Fun

Movies Under The Stars With Freedom Fun

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OUTDOOR MOVIES ARE COOL!  FIND OUT WHY!  Outdoor Movie Night With Your Favorite Films Outdoor Movie nights are always fun – whether it’s scary movies (that make us keep a...


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— This new mobile game and cinema franchise is growing rapidly in central Texas & founder Tim Masters couldn’t be more excited!  “ We are on a mission to bring...
Team Building Corporate Events

Awkward Or Awesome? Our Corporate & Company Events Will Astound Leaders And Participants

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Another awkward ice breaker?!? Have you ever been to a meeting or activity and then accosted by the ridiculously awkward ice breaker or team building game?  I’ve been to many,...

BubblePalooza 2018 – What Is A Foam Dance Party?

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Freedom Fun Registered Logo

June, 9th 2018

 Bubblepalooza & Freedom Fun expect 8000 at record breaking Foam Party

Foam Dance Party

BubblePalooza 2016 Photo

BubblePalooza 2018 will be June 9th at the Long Center in Austin, TX.


A Perfect Choice for Your Event That will Leave your Guests in Awe!

Tim Masters, the owner of Freedom Fun,  wanted to bring more choices for his customers. “I am always looking for special events to offer that cause our customers to smile , laugh and just have FUN, events that are out of the norm and unique …..honestly , it doesn’t get much more FUN for all ages than submersing yourself into millions of bubbles.  We love to kick it up a notch with our our music systems and staff that just make it so much more special ”   Tim Masters goes on to say that it is the work and commitment of his entire team that has undoutedly led to Freedom receiving the Best of Yelp award in Austin for 2017 .


We really want you to experiance a foam dance party and for a limited time you can receive 5% off by using coupon code “bubble18”

Call 512-981-5557 to book or Click On Reserve Now at Top of Page

Freedom Fun Payments Accepted

BubblePalooza 2018 Event Page Link (Click Here)

Our official start to the summer, Bubblepalooza returns! The kick off to our All Summer Long series of free community events, this annual celebration of open play on the Long Center’s front lawn is perfect for families of all ages, with live music, games, arts + crafts, trailer food, and of course—tons of bubbles!


  • Good clean fun & ideal for ages 6 to 60! Foam parties are always a unique experience for any event.

  • Sets up anywhere , small backyards no problem!

  • Perfect for birthday parties, church outings, summer camps, high school parties, youth groups, movies. school carnivals & more.

  • Foam machines are safe & have been featured on CBS television’s Big Brother & Chuck E Cheese Pizza.

  • Won’t get cold, wet, or sticky.  Your clothes will get damp but you will not feel cold when you are at a foam party. Our  foam is 100% organic, toxic free &  90 percent air…..the rest is just water & solution.

  • Foam has been used in 50 states & never damaged the environment. Our foam is also odor free & has been chemically tested to be hypoallergenic. The water-based organic foam will not harm eyes, skin, clothing or grass.

Easy To Reserve & Your Always In Good Hand With Our 100% “FUN  GUARANTEE” 

Snow Machine Rentals

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Snow Machine Rentals

Meet Frosty Freedom

Our artificial Snow Machine.Turn your event into a magical snowy wonderland!

All Day Rental for $249


*snow does not accumulate & does not make a snow that you can play in.

Call 512-981-5557 Today To Reserve Your Date!

Snow Machine Rentals

Drop-Off Backyard Laser Tag!

Outdoor Laser Tag will keep the kids and family entertained for hours while creating lifelong memories.

Starting at $199.95


*Please Call To Redeem. This Offer – Expires 1/1/18

Call 512-981-5557 Today To Reserve Your Date!

Snow Machine Rentals

Archery Tag Delivers Smiles In December!

An Extremely Fun & Healthy Game That Will Bring Tons Of Smiles & Memories For All

Take $25 Off Any Archery Tag Indoor or Outdoor Package


*Please Call To Redeem. This Offer – Expires 1/1/17

Waterslide Rentals This Summer – Doing it Safely

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Freedom Fun  Announces the Addition of Waterslides to Their Summer 2017 Lineup.

Inflatable Waterslide

“Overnight Rentals From $349”

Freedom Waterfun  To Cool Off This Summer

Tim Masters, the owner of Freedom Fun,  wanted to bring more choices for those hot summer months to Freedom’s customers. “It gets hot in Austin and we wanted to bring more water fun rentals to our customers and blend the offerring of waterslides with our extremely fun water tag game and also foam parties to create some awesome party packages that kick your traditional waterslide rentals up a notch at a great price.”  For the month of July and August , customers can add water tag to any waterslide rentals for just $50 which is over $100 in discounts.  Freedom delivers these packages all over the Austin Texas and surrounding areas…. as far north as Killeen to as far South as San Marcos and everywhere in between .

Water Tag Rental

“water tag rentals are a great add on to our waterslide lineup”

Tim said that  waterslide rentals have done great and they had buy an additional slide to keep up with demand just 6 weeks later.  “Our customers love the new waterslides and we’ve gotten great feedback on how much fun it . We also get feedback on the condition of our equipment which we clean, sanitize and inspect after each event.”

Waterslide Safety

At Freedom Fun, Safety is our top priority and our slides are certified by the Texas Department of Insurance. It is important to ensure that the company your dealing with is reputable and cares about safety.  Tim offers a few tips ” You can always start by checking the company’s insurance certificate which we post online for any customer to view. Furthermore, every inflatable is required to be inspected & certified which we do on all our waterslides. Many customers are looking for the cheapest price and are surprised when they get waterslides that are dirty, worn and worst – unsafe.  We encourage customers to shop around but make sure they are looking at the company’s track record and don’t just book the cheapest waterslide they can find.”

Here are some great tips when you’re getting ready to rent a water slide.


Water slide rentals are a fun way to give your kid a treat for the summer. Preparing for a kid’s birthday party is not an easy task. You need to make a lot of preparations, from the party theme and decorations to the food and activities for the kids. Some people try to be spontaneous and just let things happen naturally. But this can lead to a variety of problems which may ruin your kid’s special day. You can also make your kid’s party a remarkable one by renting a water slide and other party rentals. Surely, these rentals will be loved by the kids, especially during the summer. The following are some tips to keep in mind when choosing water slide rentals.

1. Consider the space for your event.

Your first order of business is to plan the setup of all the things you will use in the party. Ask yourself questions like, “Do I have enough space for a huge inflatable water slide?” and “Is there any space left for bounce houses, dunk tanks, Slip-N Slide, ice cream carts and other rentals?” Thorough preparation beforehand is vital in ensuring that everything will flow smoothly during the party. This also allows you to choose just the right package from party rental companies and avoid overspending.

2. Do comparison shopping.

Don’t simply settle for the first party rental company you find. Be patient and find time to do some comparison shopping. Search for several water slide rentals and compare prices. You may find that certain companies offer better prices with better perks. This ensures that you get the most bang for your buck.

3. Study the packages.

Most party rental companies offer different packages to meet the different needs of their clients. Usually, you can rent individual items such as a single water slide. But they also offer packages which include different items such as water slides, bounce houses, dunk tank, obstacle courses, etc. In general, the more items included in the package, the cheaper it gets relative to renting the items individually.

In addition, it is also important that you check the quality of the items they offer. This can be hard to tell without visiting the shop yourself. One way to tell whether a company puts emphasis on the quality of their items is to speak with their representative and ask questions pertaining to the maintenance of their products.

4. Read online reviews.

Nothing compares to a personal recommendation when renting a water slide or other party needs. But if you can’t get any, you can turn to the Internet and read online reviews. Browse through the company website and look at their pictures to get a glimpse of the items in their collection. These websites also usually contain a testimonials page where in you can find reviews by previous clients. Take these with a grain of salt, as these testimonials can easily be faked. Instead, use search engines to read reviews and see what other people have to say about the company.

5. Insurance

When evaluating party rental companies to rent out a water slide, it’s a good idea to choose a company that carries insurance. This is essential because you must ensure that the company you’re renting from is responsible for their work. Most city parks require water slide rental companies to have insurance to set up at their location.

6. Choose a company that prioritizes safety.

Water slide rentals For the most part, the safety of the kids lies in your hands during the party. But it’s a good sign when water slide rentals emphasize safety. They may offer tips on how to prevent injuries while using their items. Also make it a point to check the water slide for any damages which may cause harm to the kids.

Inflatable water slide for rent are great to liven up an otherwise ordinary kid’s party. Remember, though, that you should be careful when choosing a party rental company. Take the time to do your research and make sure that the company offers quality products at affordable rates.


Our Waterslides Are Seriously Fun!

Movies In The Park

Increase Your Business with Freedom Fun Outdoor Movies

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Austin is know for our vibrant community, music, great food and beautiful rolling hills. If you are  a local business owner you know how important it is to cultivate a loyal following and a strong reputation. With over 24 million visitors per year and 7 billion spent by our visitors, there is a huge opportunity for maximizing your businesses revenue.

At Freedom, we book over 200 outdoor movies per year in Austin and surrounding areas. Some of our long term customers are water parks who have “diver in” over night, boutique hotels who have weekly movie nights and restaurants who have partial outdoor space have movie themed nights. The best part about adding an outdoor movie to your venue is that it brings people together and it’s in those relationships where you find the foundational elements that harness and  grow long long lasting relationships.

So – why not have a themed movie night under the stars? Movie icon🎬Movie icon🎬Movie icon🎬 Let us customize a outdoor movie package  that fits your budget and show you how to bring more customers and guests to YOU! #outdoormovies #outdoorcinema#dinnerunderthestars #movieunderthestars #winery#brewery #austintx #austinbrewery#austinrestaurants #austinwine #austinfoodies#businessowners #txbusinessowners

See more great photos and reviews at

Freedom Fun Delivery


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We are committed to the health of your family. That’s why we encourage activities like laser tag and archery tag and believe in engaging imagination through awesome scenario based mobile games that are extremely exciting.  Your kids play enough video games. It’s time to throw a party that gets their hearts pumping!