NEW! Laser & Water Tag Shipped Anywhere in the Continental United States

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Freedom Direct offers great rentals shipped to you at a great price! With a 100% money back guarantee & proven track record of customer service & with customer reviews to back it up – we promise to help make your next party an event!

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Freedom will deliver the fun to your doorstep. Fill out the simple form below to start your reservation & we will call you immediatlely or call us today at:  (512) 981-5557 or chat!



Price:$11 PER

Laser Tag LTX

Tag or be tagged in this intense, real-life lazer combat game! The complete 2-player system includes 2 Phoenix LTX taggers that register hits with lights, sounds and vibrations for thrilling minute-to-minute action! The rumble pack lets you know when you’ve been hit along with LED life indicator on the side. The recoil feature engages with every shot fired and also can be tracked with a cool LED indicator. Invite your friends to join you in multi-player modes and watch your back if you don’t want to get tagged! This is one of our most popular rentals and all our customer give it great reviews & come back for more

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The Battle Rifle Pro

Price: $30 Per Gun

Freedom Fun Laser Tag Gun

Freedom now presents the BATTLE RIFLE PRO, which is the latest innovation in laser tag and inspired from the “Battle Rifle” on the video game “HALO”.  This industry leading mobile laser tag rifle is now available for drop ship. Capable of an incredible 700′ feet in range and features so “sick” they can’t all be explained here.  Includes a built in rumble mechanism which makes the game come alive and provides vibration feedback – so when you shoot or get shot – you feel it!  Capable of weapon type selection, custom weapon slots, bullet and magazine customization,  and 4 completely unique team settings – players both young and old will enjoy countless hours of Laser Tag Nirvana. You will have the capability to utilize auto respawn and control game time & life settings.  These are some of the most advanced tactical laser tag rifles in the industry & we now offer them for drop ship all over the US & to your location!

Water Tag

Price:$14 Per Unit


Water tag is a cool alternative or add-on to our traditional laser tag. These water-tag vest / gun sets are hard to beat on a hot summer day! Just like laser tag, teams are chosen and war will begin. However there are no batteries or sensors – just your Water Tag vest that accumulates water each time you are hit and Water Blasters to hunt down your opponents! We ship you the water blasters and vest, you just need to provide the filling stations for water. We recommend 5.

*Includes vest & water cannon

How Does it Work?

1.) Fill out the form below or call us now to book a delivery and for fast processing.

a.) You will receive a invoice with payment instructions or you can pay over the phone.

b.) Once your payment is processed, the equipment is shipped to you no later than the day before your event.

2.) Have a blast using your equipment on your date and ship back on the next business day.

3.) All taggers come with batteries that are tested and verified charged. We will also provide spare batteries in case you do need to change them out.

4.) All shipping prices include the return label as well. We basically ship you to your location and when your rental is due to be returned, you will pack your rental in the return. In summary, we’ll ship to your event location. When your event is over , you will just pack the equipment in the box, & attach the return label. Then just drop off at your local UPS store!