Mobile Laser Tag FAQ's

 So, how does a mobile laser tag party work exactly?

For our legendary concierge events, we arrive early to set up and prep for the laser tag games.

Our laser tag parties are simply amazing! We setup everything & provide a 10 minutes orientation for the participants, who are introduced to our amazing laser tag equipment, quick training session and short review of respect, honor and the “Laser Tag Code of Conduct” .  After the orientation, the games begin! The Game Coach orchestrates a variety of games. This way everyone gets plenty of playing time, rest, and water breaks if needed (be sure to have plenty of water on hand). When we’re done, your guests can head inside for cake or to open presents while we take all equipment down and pack up.

If your the hands on type, our DIY “do it yourself” mobile laser tag parties are perfect!

If you supervise the event, we arrange a drop off time from 1 hour to 6 hours before the event. Our mobile game coaches will provide an orientation of the laser tag equipment and games. We will provide you everything you need so your setup for success. You keep overnight & we pickup the following day. Don’t worry – we do over a hundred drop-offs every year & customers love it! It truly is a memory that will never be forgotten

Save BIG with our popular warehouse pickup option!

Our economical warehouse pickup option gives you the flexibility of an overnight rental at a great price! Just pickup from our warehouse and return the following day. We provide a thorough orientation. 

Other important mobile laser tag party tips!

It’s important to ensure guests try and arrive on time so game coaches don’t have to repeat instructions or go back thru the safety briefing and review of the laser tag guns – some of our customers actually communicate an earlier start time to their guests so everyone is sure to be there.

Did you know that we have done over 1000’s of mobile laser tag parties and deliver the best experience in town? Read what our customers are saying for yourself by clicking here 🙂

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Mobile Laser Tag Rentals

Does it work in daylight?

Is Laser Tag safe? Laser Tag is one of the safest outdoor sporting activities & certainly safer than Paintball! No physical contact is allowed between players & the taggers emits a harmless light beam, similar to the one in your TV remote. Laser Tag is also a great exercise for kids. It gets them outside & active, allowing them to have fun as a group on a new adventure. It’s the ultimate party game for ages 7-95!

How many people can play laser tag at once?

Our setup is staged for a maximum of 10 players to play at one time. Players can be divided into two, three, or four teams, depending on the number of players in attendance.

 What should laser tag players wear?

Players should wear clothes suitable for the weather and season that allow the greatest possible range of movement. Athletic shoes with good traction on the selected playing surface should be worn.

 What Laser Tag system do you use?

We now offer the most advanced gear in Central Texas , “The Battle Rifle Pro”. This revolutionary systems raises the bar in the new sport of outdoor laser tag.  Our sleek futuristic/ military inspired designs makes our equipment some of the best looking units available. With equipment that appeals to every age group, this all-in-one solution is a perfect choice for FUN at your live gaming attraction. Our equipment has a robust set of features like built-in rumble feedback, adjustable beam spread, muzzle flash and more. All our laser tag gear can be used both indoors and outdoors, day or night!

Laser Tag Event Orientation by Freedom Fun Coaches

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