Every Mobile Laser Tag Party is Unique. Having the capability to manipulate various aspects of the game, allows for us to tailor make the games to what our clients desire on an individualized basis.

Beginners prefer a game type that simply allows them to run around and enjoy the game.

Experienced players start to appreciate the team tactics of the game, and will begin to desire more ‘objective’-based combat scenarios.

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Team Elimination

The objective of this game is to eliminate all the players on the other team. Which ever team survives wins. Players generally start with 9 lives.

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Capture the Flag

Try to slip behind the other team’s lines and attack your opponent’s base camp, capture your opponent’s flag and return it safely to your own base, all the time coming under the other team’s fire, preparing for counter attacks, and protecting your own flag, base and your own team members.

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Protect the President

Each team is assigned a President. Each team knows who the other team’s president is. The presidents start with 4 or 5 lives, everyone else with only 2 each. The object of the game is to protect your president and tag out the other team’s president. The team that tags out the other team’s president first wins.

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One player on each team is designated as a traitor secretly by the referee. The traitor should discreetly shoot his team mates so that they don’t know who he is immediately. Once he is found out he can join his new team mates and team elimination pursues


Laser Tag Mission


2 versus 1 – Base attack

Time – 20 minutes

This mission sees 2 squads attack uphill to capture a position (represented by a flag) in the top right part of the training field. Defenders may start anywhere in the top half of the training area.

The attackers start position on the bottom edge of the training field. To win, the attacking squads must have at least 1 soldier within 10 meters of the flag by mission end and there must be no defenders within 10 meters of the flag at mission end.

Each fire team will have 1 opportunity to defend and 2 opportunities to attack over the course of 3 exercises.

The Defenders can have 8 replacements however defender replacements are not available if attackers within 1 meter of flag. The attackers only 6 replacements and must be received from the far bottom of the training zone.

Laser Tag Mission



Time – 20 minutes

You need to escort one of the Sergeants from the bottom left of the battlefield to the top right within 20 minutes. If the sergeant reaches the flag alive, then the mission is achieved. The ambushing team is considered the defenders.

The Sergeant is considered injured and can only take 3 hits before being killed. Two fire teams are assigned to escort the sergeant while one fire team lies in ambush.

No replacements are available in this mission.

Laser Tag Mission


Flag in the Middle

Time – 20 minutes

In this mission, each fire team is against each other fire team. A target flag is placed somewhere near the centre of the battlefield, placed by the Lt. Davis (played by the referee) after the two attacking fire teams are being positioned in opposite ends of the battlefield. The defending fire team then has 2 minutes to position themselves for defense before the game start whistle is blown. This mission is scheduled for 20 minutes. The defending team wins if neither of the other teams captures the flag within that time. Only one attacking team can win and of course, the attacking fire teams can fire at each other, so this is a 3-cornered contest.

The defending team receives replacements from the 1 meter of the flag and only if there are no attacking soldiers within 1 meter of the flag. Defenders receive 8 replacements,

Attackers only 4 replacements and these are available from their original points.

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Squad Scoring

Achieving the mission objective is worth 200 points

Each soldier surviving a mission is worth 10 points. Unused replacements are also worth 10 points

If you are going for a realistic military simulation I recommend using only two hits

After a player is tagged he seeks the nearest cover and flips a coin. If the player gets tagged a second time while going to the nearest cover he skips the 1st coin toss and directly to the second coin toss.

After hit #1 the player flips a coin

Heads = He was lucky and the bullet only grazed him

Tails = He was wounded and is immobilized, but may continue to fire from his position. He may move at a walking pace if one teammate helps him
or at a full run if two teammates help him. None of the players may fire while they are carrying their injured teammate.

After Hit # 2 the player flips the coin again

Heads = he was lucky and is only severely wounded. He is unable to move unless two teammates help him and he is unable to operate a weapon, but he is able to give info and assistance to teammates, like “The guy who shot me is just behind that bush”

Tails = dead, and dead men don’t talk.

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