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Water Slide + Water Tag Deal (Overnight Rental)

Water Slide + Water Tag Deal (Overnight Rental)

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This package will make a BIG SPLASH at your party & you save over $100 with this great deal.  The “Water Wars” package is always the most popular H2O package in our lineup.

We will setup 4 inflatable paint ball barricades around the water slide with 10 super soaker water guns, water tag vests & refilling buckets. Players fill up their opponents vest by blasting them with water. Over time, a small cork rises to the top to indicate score. Of course, for most players it's about getting their opponents wet.


  • 10 Water Guns , Vests, 2 Water Buckets
  • 4 Inflatable Barricades for Water Tag Game
  • 18′ Jungle Zoo Slide + Sprinkler
  • Cushioned Inflatable Pool
  • will need constant water supply