Imagine the excitement on your guests’ faces when they see a 2-story outdooor movie screen with high definition picture and sound!


“Freedom Entertainment did a top notch job setting up and running a 25-foot movie screen for our outdoor HOA event…” Rob A. (Yelp Review)

“We hosted an outdoor movie night and this company did an amazing job!  They were very nice about coordinating delivery and set everything up perfectly.  All we had to do was press play.  The night was a huge success and we will definitely be using them again!…” Weston L. (Yelp Review)

“I had an awesome experience with Freedom Fun! I ordered the inflatable movie screen and the overnight option. There were no issues and the event went so smoothly! I worked with Jeremy and he was amazing! He came to the event on time, was so thorough and worked so well with us to get our birthday movie night a success. Jeremy also picked up everything the next day whenever it was most convenient for me. Amazing customer service on the phone and via email too! Will definitely make a purchase again!!…Patricia A. (Yelp Review)

 If you are a Corporate Event, PTA, School, Pool, Apartment Complex, Neighborhood, Park & Recreation Department, or having a Graduation or Birthday Party in your backyard, we can provide you with a movie experiencc that you will never forget!

                       Choose Your FUN Delivery Option!

 Movie Concierge: 45$

We handle all details & host the event, giving you more FREEDOM to enjoy. Price based on 2 hour run time.

Overnight Special: $45

Enjoy more FREEDOM by  choosing our popular overnight rental (flexible delivery 4-8 hours prior to event start).  We will orientate the host and pickup the next day.

Warehouse Pickup: Up to 20% Off

Save BIG by picking up your outdoor movies system at our warehouse & keep it overnight. We will provide full training & support.


16′ Projecto Package

(10′ x 6′ viewable)

Price: $279.95

High definition & Powerful 4000+ lumen DLP projection

Professional  400 watt Sound System & Stands

Cinebox Entertainment System

Blue ray, MP3, Mic hookup

Video Game Console Connections!

 This entry level  pop-up movie screen rental is a perfect screen that can entertain up to 50 people.

18′ Silver Series Movie Package

(12′ x 7′ viewable)

Price: $299.95

Upgraded Inflatable Large Frame  Movie Screen

High definition & Powerful 4000+ lumen DLP projection

Professional  400 watt Sound System & Stands

Cinebox Entertainment System

Blue ray, MP3, Mic hookup

Video Game Console Connections!

 Our most popular inflatable movie screen rental package thats a perfect movie screen option that can easily entertain up to 150 people.

25′ Gold Series Movie Package

(16′ x 9′ viewable)

Price: $399.95

 Upgraded Inflatable Large Frame  Movie Screen

High definition & Powerful 4000+ lumen DLP projection

UPGRADED 1000 watt Sound System & Stands

Cinebox Entertainment System

Blue ray, MP3, Mic hookup

Video Game Console Connections!

 This  impressive inflatable movie screen can easily entertain up to 400 people & can also be setup in most backyards if you just want to kick it up a notch with an awesome outdoor movie package.

45′ Freedom Legend Series Movie Package

(25′ x 17′ viewable)

Pricing Starts at $999 – please call for quote

UPGRADED Inflatable Large Frame Movie Screen

UPGRADED High definition 6000 lumen DLP projection

UPGRADED Sound System ( Up to 2500 watts)

This screen can easily entertain up to an amazing 2500 people!

The Freedom Legend Series inflatable movie screen brings the magic of the big screen to your local park, music or film festival, resort, or military base. These incredible outdoor movie screens are for community leaders, event producers, and business people who are entertaining hundreds to thousands of people at a time.

Important Consumer Information

 Please Read Before Renting Outdoor Movie Equipment

When renting outdoor movie equipment or inflatable movie screens, it’s important to rent from a company with a proven track record, customer reviews and referrals to back it up. Here are a few tips based on our experience on what to look for in your outdoor movie provider.  Your inviting lots of people over, your event is important, so shopping only on price can lead to event stress.
Communication Track Record & Timely Event Arrival: Believe it or not – not communicating  or even  returning calls after the event is booked in a timely manner is often reported, this can cause severe stress for event coordinators. Rest assured, communication and timeliness  is a core tenant of how we run our business, giving you the Freedom to focus on other things. Give us a call and discover for yourself or read our customer reviews in the links below.
Is the Company Focused on Outdoor Movies?  Outdoor movies make up approximately 1/2 of our yearly events booked, that means  our movie techs are ultra-focused on movie experience parties & have the track record to back it up. We can concierge your event or give you a thorough orientation  on how to run it yourself when we drop it off – your choice.
Equipment 101 ( Essentials When Renting Outdoor Movie Equipment):  it’s important to ensure that the details &  technical aspects of the equipment your renting is openly communicated. Our packages include professional equipment with full specifications that are available for you to view.
Audio Quality (Cinematic Outdoor Specifications) –  Some  companies offer low power surround sound style audio systems which actually dampen the outdoor movie audio experience.  Rest assured, our audio systems are driven by powered PA style speakers for all our movie packages below.
Your Inflatable Movie Screen Material:  Texas is known for it’s wind and a 10 mph to 15 mph gust can buckle a less expensive (soft oxford cloth) screen or make the surface look like a sheet blowing in the w ind. Our “inflatable” movie screens are tough , high quality .45 mm vinyl, made w/ tubular construction at the base and can set strong with gusts of 25 mph. These screens take us more time to setup, but we only want the best experience for your movie!
Your Projection System (Lumen Rating & Quality) – Outdoor projectors should be 4000 lumen or better. This is important because your able to start your movies at sunset in most cases & bright projection helps penetrate ambient light, which is common outdoors.  Our projectors are great quality , 4000 lumen & project in full high definition.
Video Projection Extras – All our entertainment boxes include Blue Ray / DVD compatible players, audio mixer, microphone connections, video game hook ups, music system connection fro music before your movie. You can even Karaoke with our systems on the big screen

 You Have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE!