Movies Under The Stars With Freedom Fun

Movies under the stars with Freedom Fun


Outdoor Movie Night With Your Favorite Films

Outdoor Movie nights are always fun – whether it’s scary movies (that make us keep a light on when we go to bed) or a romantic comedy that makes everyone believe in magic or an adventure film that allows us all to feel like heroes.

But a night at the movies with FREEDOM FUN USA is another thing altogether!  It all begins with the larger than life movie screen – WOW! There are no bad seats in this house!  Then there is the sound system – giant sound to go with the giant screen!  Do movies make you crave snacks? Well, we can provide popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, and even cold drink options!

And, of course, the concierge service

Our team members are trained, motivated, and concentrating on customer satisfaction.  Every one of our team understands that our success depends on making sure all aspects of the event go smoothly, that the host is never worried or stressed out, and that the guests are engaged in the event having the time of their life. The quality of our service has earned us contracts with the City of Cedar Park and other cities. The City of Cedar Park has an outdoor movie open to the public every month of the summer. You can check out the “Secret Life of Pets” and “Dumbo” during the month of September this year. The movies in the park website is located at Movies in the Park | City of Cedar Park

We are there to make sure your outdoor movie nights are perfect

If there’s something out of place, we will fix it.  If you need something to be a bit this way or that, we can handle that too.  Our job, our goal, our purpose is to make sure every guest is comfortable, happy, and enjoying the show AND that you, the host, are relaxed and enjoying the event as much as your guests.

Every step of the way, your well being and comfort is our focus.  One of our reviews explains:

Freedom Fun USA Review

People Enjoying Outdoor Movie Night on an Outdoor Movie Screen

We don’t just drop off equipment, we build relationships.  Let us build an event with you – call us in Austin at 512-981-5557 today!

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