Snow Machine Rentals

Create a Winter Wonderland virtually anywhere with a realistic falling snow effect that evaporates when it lands.

We now offer snow machine rentals to the greater Austin area with free delivery & pickup to most Austin zip codes. Furthermore, we offer direct shipping to the continental US.  Included with our snow machine rentals are one  hour of snow solution.  We have two wonderful models to choose from . 

  • The snow solution does not accumulate and our snow machines do not make a snow that you can play in.
  • Please note if you require snowballs and snowmen then this is not the snow machine for you.
  • These snow machines create the wonderful effect of snow falling.  
  • Rent the snow machine for holiday events & snow themed events as well. They are extremely easy to use – just put in the solution and plug in!
  • Our prices allow for round trip shipping to most locations. Simply order online and wait for your rental to show up a few days later. 
  • All rentals come with one hour of solution , pricing for extra solution ranges from $44.95 per hour for our snowman rental to $74.95 per hour for our 1300 series HO machine.