Finally 2021 Is Here & We Are So Ready For Football!

Margaret Patterson

It may look a little differrent but we can still PARTY like it's 1999! So, what to do first??

FIRST, call FREEDOM FUN USA so we can help you set up your event activities, concessions, and games.  (I’m sure some of the kids will want something to do if they get tired of football.)  PLUS, and this is SO important….. make sure you rent a screen BIG enough to see ALL the action – click here to check out our big bigger biggest screens!

Kelsy Freedom Fun Review Photo
 Kelsey L.

What a magical night for my students! We rented VR headsets, a snownlowing snowman and the giant snowglobe. The snowman was the favorite out of everyone for sure. It added so much to our outdoor winter wonderland. Thanks Freedom Fun USA, for helping bring magic to what's left of 2020!

NEXT, you’ve already got your theme (FOOTBALL)   so you can decorate or just have a table full of yummy food for everyone to grab in between touch downs! 

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