The Right Attitude By Freedom Fun USA

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The right attitude by Freedom Fun USA

Just the other day,

The team was talking about how they noticed that events and coaches directly affected the participants’ moods, attitudes, and even behavior. Of course, that led to a discussion about why it’s so important for coaches and team members to have a positive outlook, a cheerful demeanor, and a “customer is always right” or “we can fix this” kind of attitude. No matter what!

Without even realizing it.

Tim shared a moment from one of his early experiences that was so simple and yet so profound that it made him understand that he was in the business of events and entertainment, but also in the business of giving people a chance to be better, to be more.

So, Tim was coaching a Laser Tag event in a large, open space in a park. The event was a celebration of an eleven year old’s birthday. The birthday boy was clearly having an amazing time, running around, laughing, and generally having fun. The Mom had made a point of telling Tim how great it was that the team showed up on time, delivered what they promised, and allowed her to relax and enjoy her son’s birthday. That was fantastic in itself – Tim sees each event as an opportunity to deliver on a promise and go the extra mile.

After Laser Tag was over, and the team was packing up, one of the Dads walked over to Tim and introduced himself. The Dad told Tim that he had been dreading this birthday party ever since his wife had told him it was his turn to go with their son. The Dad had been to multiple parties over the past 10 or so years with the son and found that standing around talking to parents he didn’t know was just excruciating. Smiling and talking, eating cake and finally trying to get his little boy into the car when he didn’t want to go were apparently just misery to the poor guy. So he was not happy to be at this event.

Then something amazing happened – the enthusiastic coach, the genuinely fun games, being outside, and, most of all, having his son yell, “come on, Dad, play with us,” allowed all the guests, adults and kids alike, to play. Playing together, being outdoors, laughing, and being silly created a wonderful event for all, but also a chance to bond and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. The man shook Tim’s hand, said thank you for the great memories, and he and his son went home.

Tim, however, stood there for a few minutes, thinking about his business. He had started this business to fill a need in the community and to earn a living. He had wanted his family to be proud and to live up to certain standards. But there, in the park, he realized that it was so much more.

Tim shared a moment from one of his early experiences that was so simple and yet so profound that it made him understand that he was in the business of events and entertainment.

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