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FREEDOM FUN USA client, Amber, does Halloween in a bigger than life fashion – and who would have thought she would have time?!? With a husband, two great (and busy) kids, and four dogs, who has time to decorate for Halloween, right?  Well, Amber does!  And she shares it with all her neighbors!

Becoming an Austin Area Tradition: 

After several years of decorating in a BIG way, Amber decided to up the ante and added FREEDOM FUN USA’s Virtual Reality Haunted Experiences to help set the mood! What an easy way to create a truly haunting happening!  With games and experiences geared to young and old, this is a super fun way to create memorable Halloween fun.

THEN, Amber added a giant back yard movie screen surrounded by spooky ghouls and goblins.  FREEDOM FUN USA provides the age appropriate films and a gigantic movie screen for ghostly adventures and eerie sound effects!

What does this look like??  Well, you would have to see it in person for the full effect, of course, but pictures tell…..



What a great collaboration!  And certainly something that FREEDOM FUN USA can help YOU do too!  We offer Virtual Reality games and experiences to suit your event.  We have awesome Laser Tag games, some with seasonal themes and some that are great for year round fun.  And of course there’s the giant movie screen!  For those more active events, don’t forget about all our other SUPER FUN activities!  Check out our website (https://freedomfunusa.com/)AND our Pinterest Site (https://www.pinterest.com/freedomfunusa/) for all our FUN ideas!  Family, fun, friends…that’s what makes the world go ‘round!

Call us at 512-981-5557 for help with YOUR spooky event!


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