Can you feel it? The weather is different, birds are chirping a little louder, flowers are beginning to bud, change is coming! A new season is on the horizon and I am convinced many are ready to breathe new air. It’s hard to believe that Snowvid hit Texas just a few weeks ago. As I scroll through my camera roll reliving the unbelievable moments that made history right here in San Antonio, I am moved to reflect on only the good. The smiles on my kids faces as we built a snowman together

the snowball fights that we played

 the fun snow-filled trampoline my daughter had a blast on

 the fire Isaac built to bring warmth to our hands and the bacon and egg tacos that he made in the cast iron on the pit as well as the hand-ground coffee he made were extra special those days.

 Sure, it was cold and having no power for 12 hours was brutal, but we made the best of it.

I know many others who were without power and water for several days. I’ll count my blessings. As the thermostat read below 45, we doubled our clothing and for once as a mom I did not care about the cleanliness of the house. More importantly, we were unplugged, no devices, thus creating more time for conversation as a family. We even had a candlelit dinner and camped out in one bedroom to keep warm, doggies included. This too shall pass, and it did. As I close my camera roll and promise myself I will print all the photos, I am grateful and I am truly happy that there is a season for everything. I am anticipating all the events that will take place this Spring. Our Freedom Fun San Antonio phones have been ringing and it’s a sign that others feel the same way. It’s time for some outdoor fun! I am looking forward to all the happy smiles our products will bring and all the laughs that will be contagious! Yes, Covid is still around, but I am hopeful that numbers will continue to decline for the better. Although the mask order in Texas ended this week due to the latest announcement by our Governor, we will not stop taking precautions in order to protect ourselves and our customers. I am breathing a sigh of relief as we move towards another step of normalcy in the great state of Texas. No other place I’d rather be than right here with my family, friends and our awesome customers!