Margaret Patterson

Valentine's Day can be the best day of the year (or the worst if you forget, yikes!)

FREEDOM FUN USA has the greatest Romance Packages EVER – call now to reserve your movie screen, inflatable couch, and popcorn concession – it’s a great way to set up your memorable night to say I love You to a special person.   

Kelsy Freedom Fun Review Photo
 Kelsey L.

What a magical night for my students! We rented VR headsets, a snownlowing snowman and the giant snowglobe. The snowman was the favorite out of everyone for sure. It added so much to our outdoor winter wonderland. Thanks Freedom Fun USA, for helping bring magic to what's left of 2020!

Have kids? How about setting them up with Virtual Reality games and a sitter?  They’d be busy for hours! And maybe avoid sugar…just sayin’
Since some find it difficult to plan for Valentine’s Day, I’ve researched a few ideas for you.  According to Life Hack, Mashable, and Oprah, the best things are not usually expensive (although I don’t know anyone who’d refuse a diamond…)  First, DO NOT make whatever you do appear to be rushed, last minute, or a nuisance.  That’s worse than forgetting.  Second, anything made by you for him/her is adorable.  Third, creating an unforgettable experience is the ultimate, seriously ultimate way to his or her heart.  Speaking of creating an unforgettable experience, how about a cozy setting under the stars with a really big movie screen, a soft outdoor lounger sofa, and finger food to go along with your beverages!  We can provide all but the food and drinks – oh! And the flowers, don’t forget the flowers!  Rose petals sprinkled on the inflatable sofa would be a nice touch….  
SO, give us a call, we’d love to help you set up your memorable evening or an unforgettable fun day – our number is 512-981-5557 or visit us online to chat at https://freedomfunusa.com/   We can’t wait to talk, chat, or come out for a site visit.