Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

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Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

Timothy Masters, Founder of Freedom Fun discusses his memories of President Bush

A Phone Call Home

“Mom, can you hear me ok? they are telling us that we have to get on a plane now & go to Saudi Arabia, I don’t know when I’ll be back but I’ll be ok.” I spoke those words Aug of 1990 outside our squadron as I was departing for Saudi Arabia. President George H.W. Bush had recently ordered our deployment. My mother,crying ,said she loved me & would let dad know. I spent almost 7 months in Saudi Arabia in Operation Desert Shield & Storm. I was only 20.

Reflecting back on his life….

When I reflect back & remember this President George H.W.  Bush , it is these times I remember most clearly. Most of us recall memories as it reflects upon us personally, undoubtedly this was a significant time in my life. I remember him being a statesman, a man of integrity & values. I admired & respected him for his unmatched ability to build a coalition of nations to challenge a ruthless dictator. President Bush believed in the UN & we definitely did not go at it alone, with 100+ countries at our side. I am grateful that he let the military leaders handle the “how” of getting Saddam out of Kuwait, thus allowing most to come home.

Thank you….

Most importantly, I thank President Bush that he used our celebratory return to make amends & help heal my father, a Vietnam Veteran, and many more, who were not welcomed back like we were….”that” is what means the most to me.

President George H.W Bush Welcome Home Message To Texas Troops Returning from Desert Storm

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