Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

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Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

Welcome Home President George H.W. Bush

A Phone Call Home

“Mom, can you hear me ok? they are telling us that we have to get on a plane now & go to Saudi Arabia, I don’t know when I’ll be back but I’ll be ok.” I spoke those words Aug of 1990 outside our squadron as I was departing for Saudi Arabia. President George H.W. Bush had recently ordered our deployment. My mother,crying ,said she loved me & would let dad know. I spent almost 7 months in Saudi Arabia in Operation Desert Shield & Storm. I was only 20.

Reflecting back on his life….

When I reflect back & remember this President George H.W.  Bush , it is these times I remember most clearly. Most of us recall memories as it reflects upon us personally, undoubtedly this was a significant time in my life. I remember him being a statesman, a man of integrity & values. I admired & respected him for his unmatched ability to build a coalition of nations to challenge a ruthless dictator. President Bush believed in the UN & we definitely did not go at it alone, with 100+ countries at our side. I am grateful that he let the military leaders handle the “how” of getting Saddam out of Kuwait, thus allowing most to come home.

Thank you….

Most importantly, I thank President Bush that he used our celebratory return to make amends & help heal my father, a Vietnam Veteran, and many more, who were not welcomed back like we were….”that” is what means the most to me.

Home President George H.W. Bush

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