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All these “fun” event companies are the same, right??  Hmm, maybe not…..

Have you ever experienced an event that just fell flat?  It’s uncomfortable for the guests and stressful for the hosts! But there is an alternative – Austin’s premier event company, FREEDOM FUN USA, is here to help.

Reasons why we are different:

First, we have fun events like laser tag and archery tag, seriously fun activities like Bubble Ball, Bounce Castle, and Water Tag.  And MORE! Water Slide, Foam Parties, Archery Hover Ball that’s guaranteed fun in the sun for everyone!  Kids of all ages will have a great time!  THEN, there’s indoor activities like Virtual Reality!  And, oh my gosh, then there’s the Outdoor Movies packages!  And the holiday packages such as the Hot Cocoa Bar for winter events!  Whatever the weather, whatever you need, we can plan, organize, and deliver.

Second, we have coaches for every fun activity – our coaches set up the event, check and double check EVERYthing, and then ensure that every party attendee knows how to play the games, has working equipment, and joins in the fun.  The host can relax and join in the fun!

Which brings me to Item Three 😊  The host chooses from multiple levels of planning and organizing – we have budget packages and we have concierge packages.  The hosts tell us what their budget and event needs are, and then we make it happen.

Next, our team is focused on service and communication – we communicate with the host so that everyone is on the same page.  We want to do everything possible, humanly and otherwise, to make your event a success for you and for your guests.

Finally, our team occasionally encounters unforeseeable difficulties, such as a blow out on the highway (yikes!)  If this makes them late to an event, well, let’s just say, HUSTLE is our mantra!  Our coaches HUSTLE to make it happen – they will not allow ANYthing to get in the way of success for your party!

What does this mean for you?

You get to be an informed client – you know when we are coming, how much it will cost, and what package you will be presenting to your guests, all ahead of time.

You get to call the shots – the level of service, the package that fits your budget, your party and event needs, whatever they may be.

You get a trained and caring coaching team – our team has been trained to maintain cleanliness and comfort standards, how to set up and take down quickly and effectively, and how to ensure you and your guests are more than happy and having some serious fun.

You get a company that is dedicated to making your event as perfect as possible.

What does this mean for us?

We are a family company that wants to serve other families.  We are here to seriously create fun, joy, and great memories for families and friends.  Your success is our heartbeat.  We are honored to be a part of your event, whatever the plan, whatever the package.  Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your celebration!

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